Q2 2015 Homeownership Program Index

June 24, 2015

June 25, 2015

Quarterly Homeownership Program Index increased to include three percent more programs; 87% have funds available to buyers

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Key statistics:

  • The report increased to 2,359 programs up three percent from the prior quarter.
  • Programs from over 1,250 housing agencies and program providers are tracked.
  • 19 programs are available nationwide.
  • Approximately 87 percent of programs have funds available for homebuyers, down three percent from February.
  • Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC) increased 12 percent from October 2014.
  • Many of these programs can be layered with each other and can often be used with most loan products, including VA and FHA.
  • More than 14 percent of programs are special opportunities available exclusively for veterans, buyers with a disability and other professions or special circumstances.
  • The index highlights the wide range of opportunities available for all types of buyers, not just for first-time homebuyers. 36 percent of the programs don’t include a first-time homebuyer requirement (down 1 percent from February).
  • While all programs are available for single family homes, the index found that 17 percent of programs are also eligible for owner-occupied multifamily properties like duplexes, triplexes and quads (2-4 unit properties).




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