MLS Partner Resources

Our MLS partners are invited to download and use these resources to communicate to their members, staff, and the public about Down Payment Resource. Please follow the brand and style guidelines provided.

Down Payment Resource corporate branding

Corporate Logo

Brand guidelines

Icons for MLS property listings

Icons and calls to action for listings

Brand guidelines

Down Payment Resource Overview

Product Guide: This flyer outlines member benefits, including helpful links.

Live Training: We host regular webinars your members can attend to learn more about our tools and resources.

On Demand Webinars for Industry Professionals

Down Payment Connect (DPC)

DPC Promo Kit: This presentation includes information on how to promote DPC to your members, as well as slides you can incorporate into your training for new agents.

DPC Training Slides: Incorporate this slide presentation into your new agent training.

DPC Promo Flyer: This is a quick promotional piece to help agents understand the benefits of DPC.

Marketing content

MLS Public Webpage Content: Explain DPR in a consumer friendly way on a public MLS website.

MLS Member Content: Explain DPR to your members on a product page on your MLS website on in other MLS communications.

Broker Messaging

Sample Broker Message: Use this sample message to highlight the benefits of Down Payment Resource to your Broker members.


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