Multiple Listing Services (MLSs)

Access Down Payment Assistance Information

Give your members access to down payment program data and marketing resources that set them apart.

Match Listings to Down Payment Assistance

MLSs are known for their excellent property data, but are you missing information that can help solve the biggest obstacle to homeownership?

Match your property listings to detailed information about down payment help.

How We Help

3 Key Solutions

  • Property data buyers need: DPR flags homes eligible for down payment help. It’s an important piece of property listing data buyers need.
  • Reports for sidelined buyers: Members can share personalized down payment program information with buyers to help motivate them to start the buying process.
  • Attract more leads: Members get Down Payment Connect, their own lead generation landing page, to help buyers search for programs.


…it helps put commission income into the pockets of agents from deals that might otherwise never have happened because the buyer couldn’t make the financing work.

There are many excellent tools to help our members in their business, but few that so clearly link a potential buyer to a member.

My Down Payment Connect page gives me even more details about a buyer’s profile that I can use to customize a client meeting.

For a lot of people, it’s pretty intimidating to get started in the home search process. Down Payment Resource helps narrow the field of possibilities for them and opens their eyes to see what’s possible. It helps get the conversation started.

It’s amazing at how many referrals we get just by taking the time to educate our buyers. Our clients pay us back by sending friends to us.

I figured out how to maximize my Down Payment Connect landing page and it’s been even more successful than when I did Zillow leads in the past. I’m getting good leads. They are responding and interested. Getting access to a tool like Down Payment Connect makes my MIBOR subscription more valuable.

The Down Payment Resource icon encouraged some first-time homebuyers to attend credit counseling classes to determine how they can purchase a home.

I love that with Down Payment Resource I can tell immediately if the property has down payment assistance. It’s also helpful that my clients can see right away that homebuyer programs are an option for their home financing.

Financing is the biggest challenge for clients today, but with assistance programs, Down Payment Resource, and a knowledgeable lender, you can find valuable solutions.

Providing down payment assistance information brings value to my clients and referrals and differentiates me in the market. Down Payment Resource gives me the extra edge as a market expert which is extremely valuable.

If I hadn’t used Down Payment Resource, I’m not sure I would have found the program for my clients; I thought it was already out of funds.

I really like Down Payment Resource in FMLS. In the past, I would have to call the lender to ask about a specific property or use a map to determine what homes may qualify. Clicking on that link and knowing exactly what programs the home could qualify for helps me tremendously. I save time and can more easily help my buyers save money.